Tips on How To Change Your Habits in a Positive Way

New year new me, right? It might sound easy to change your lifestyle, but the reality is, it is an enormous challenge. Now, I am not saying this to discourage you, but more so to help you understand that it is a process rather than an instant thing. I am here to guide you to get to that end goal. Over the past 5 months, I have been able to do the same for myself. With struggles throughout the way, I finally feel happier and at ease. Using the tips that I am providing with you today, hopefully you will find it easier to accomplish this goal.


1. Wake Up Early

Trust me, I understand that this may not be easy for everyone. I used to sleep until 10:30 - 11 am and it felt like my day was wasted. When I began to change that habit and wake up earlier, my body started to feel more energized. This made me motivated to accomplish more throughout the day instead of wasting it lying around.

2. Stay Organized

This might be a goal you are trying to reach and already have a hard time with. Starting small is key. You cannot expect to be able to change all of your habits over night. Some things that you can do to stay more organized would be things like such: make your bed in the morning (this is a great way to start the day off on a good note and keep yourself from hiding away back under those covers), try to keep things visibly organized (don’t have things lying around and having your room or home look junky - put things away!), etc.. My point being, little things go a long way, so try to start small by doing little organization tasks like these.

3. Exercise

Exercising does NOT have to be dreadful! Society has made the impression that working out has to be running or lifting heavy weights. This is not what I mean whatsoever. Taking a walk once a day is more than enough. Get out of the house and move your body, connect with nature, and get that fresh air. If you have a larger goal in regards of exercise, look into a gym membership and push yourself. I have done that myself and I am stronger and healthier. Do whatever you enjoy doing to get yourself off of the couch and out of your bed.

4. Eat Nutritious Foods

Eating food that makes you feel good is so important. I am not telling you to eat one meal a day, or only eat greens, or anything unhealthy for you. Giving your body food that has vitamins and protein and nutrients is what you NEED. If you eat fast food everyday, you will feel the effects of it eventually. You will feel drained and tired often. Now, do not cut out what you love to eat completely. One unhealthy meal every so often will not hurt you. It is OKAY to eat junk sometimes. Eat ice cream, McDonalds, pizza, etc.. You can enjoy the food you love as long as you give your body what it needs more. This will help you to feel energized and more motivated to accomplish other goals.

5. Read

I used to hate reading. When I say hate I seriously mean despise it. However, when I was working on changing my life toward a positive route, I tried reading again. The key to enjoying reading is finding a book that you like. Obviously, right? You have to try, not just say you hate reading like I did. I never found a book that interested me, and ever since I did, I always look for new books and love diving into the stories. This has helped clear my mind and activate parts of my brain that work to build images in my head based off the words on a piece of paper. Doing this is very good for your mind and body.


With these 5 tips, I encourage you to use them one week and see how you feel after 7 days. I promise that if you stick with it, your body will get used to what you are doing and you will feel healthier and more free. Providing your mind and body with things you need has a huge impact on your life. Thank you so much for reading and come back to see more posts like this one!

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