10 Best Amazon Finds To Build Your Aesthetic Into a Lifestyle

Updated: Feb 8

It can be difficult to find things that catch your eye. That being said, I have done all the work for you! In this post, I will be introducing you to 10 things I found on amazon that I absolutely love and want to share with you! If you are new here and are finding me from another platform, visit my blog to see more posts like this at www.myaestheticlife.com/ .

1. Kettle

If you are on Tik Tok, you might have seen something similar to this is some videos. This kettle is great for boiling water quickly without the hassle of pulling out a pot, filling it with water, and waiting 5-10 minutes for it to boil. With the kettle, found on amazon, it allows you to pour a specific amount of water through the top, flip the switch at the bottom right, and wait about 1-2 minutes for your water to boil. Not only is the very convenient time wise, but it is perfect for making tea, cleaning, etc.. Buy it now by clicking here.

2. Budgeting Planner

This budgeting planner has personally been beneficial for me. Saving money can be difficult especially if you have a checking account in addition to savings. With simply a couple taps of our fingers, we can transfer money straight from our savings accounts to our checking accounts. Because this is so simple to do, it causes people to spend their money more freely and continue to transfer the money. Using this book on top of a savings account OR as an alternative, it helps to keep the money organized in different folders and allows room for more self control. Click here to visit amazon and get one for yourself!

3. Fake Hanging Plants

Decorating your home can be a stressful task for some people! Going in stores to find things you like is not as easy as it is thought to be. I decided to share with you these beautiful fake hanging plants. I have ones very similar in my own bedroom and it ties the look together very well. These inexpensive plants are simple to hang and look beautiful anywhere you would like to put them! Find them here on amazon.

4. Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

This mirror is one of the best things that I have ever purchased. If you have a smaller room like me, this mirror has so much storage for my makeup, jewelry, perfumes, etc.. In addition to that, it is perfect for having a view of a full outfit. Mirrors that are about half the size were never convenient for me. With discovering the wall mirror with a door and tons of storage, I have saved so much space in my room! Click here to get one yourself. I promise that it‘s worth it!

5. Indoor Hammock Swing

One of the BEST purchases I have ever made was this swing. It is very inexpensive and so cozy! This is the perfect spot for reading, writing, watching TV, etc.. Another huge benefit is that it is super easy to install. Check it out here on amazon and try it out!

6. iPad Stand

I have had my iPad Air for over a year now, and this stand has been so helpful. With this stand, it saves desk space and allows me to prop my iPad up at angles the suit me best. It also works very well for typing if you are like me and have a keyboard and mouse to go with the iPad as well. This item is inexpensive and perfect for anyone with an iPad. Click here to purchase on amazon.

7. Rolling Storage Cart

One of favorite ways to decorate any part of the house is with a rolling cart like such. It is perfect for holding books, plants, candles, towels, etc.. It can go in the bathroom, your bedroom, the laundry room, and anywhere you please. This cart helps to save storage in any room that you choose to add this too. Personally, this has helped me save storage in my bedroom. Check it out here.

8. Mason Jar Storage

Mason jars have been very popular recently. This set on amazon is so cute and perfect for small storage! It is being sold as bathroom decor, but be creative and use it for whatever you would like. Click here to view on amazon.

9. Woven Basket

If you love the Bohemian style like me, this basket is perfect for you. It can be used for blankets, toys, laundry, and whatever else you would like. These baskets look beautiful in homes and serves as decor and storage at the same time. This basket will help you save space and add accent to you decor. Find it here on amazon.

10. Wireless Charing Station

Last but not least, we have a wireless charing station. This was gifted to me for Christmas this year, and it is one of the most useful things I recieved. I can charge my iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all at the same time. The station is small and looks great with my greenery and decor that I have. Instead of having cords all over the place and having to alternate between them, this requires only one cord and can do three things at once. Get it now by clicking here.

Thank you for reading and visit my blog at www.myaestheticlife.com/ to see more posts like this! I appreciate you and I hope you find something that catches your eye.

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